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Period Underwear

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Hello comfort, bye bye leaks! Meet the most comfortable, incredibly absorbent period underwear designed to protect you through any flows. 

  • For that time of the month, but with a light feel that’s like wearing your everyday undies

  • Combines a built-in, leak-proof lining to absorb period, light leaks, discharge and odour

  • Made from ultra-soft, toxic-free OEKO-TEX certified bamboo viscose. Natural antibacterial properties from bamboo kun keep germs and odour at bay

  • PFAS-Free
  • Holds up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid

  • Also suitable for everyday use or as a backup to pair with your pad, tampon or menstrual cup

  • Stylish hip-hugger design

Do good every wear by reducing waste and disposal of pads and tampons. Our period underwear are reusable and sustainably made. 

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  • Super absorbent

    Holds up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid

  • Ultra breathable

    Made from soft and highly breathable bamboo viscose

  • Stay dry

    Wicks away moisture and keeps you dry

  • Antibacterial

    Contains antibacterial properties from bamboo kun

Better together, with REFINED’s period care essentials

We know how messy and embarrassing period leaks can be. Let’s not even get us started on stains. Our period underwear are designed to prevent these dreads - so you can stay comfortable and confident through that time of the month. Even better, pair it with our pads or liners for that 150% no-leak backup. Or wear it everyday and skip the liner. 

Period, discharge or bladder leak? We’ve got you.

The Amazing Barely-There Core Absorbency

Our ultra slim 4-layer absorbent core is designed to soak up your period, bladder leaks, discharge and odour - keeping you fresh and dry through any flows


Top Layer

Draws away moisture

Absorbent Layer

Super absorbent core locks away liquid and odour

Water-Repellent Layer

Water-repellent and leak resistant barrier

Bottom Layer

Breathable OEKO-TEX Bamboo Viscose for all-day comfort

Leak-Proof and Wicks Away Moisture

Period with bliss and a peace of mind, without leaks and stains. Our period underwear absorb as much as 4 regular tampons and give you added protection up to 8 hours.

Our Sustainable Story

Bamboo is a naturally renewable grass requiring very little maintenance to farm. This highly sustainable plant does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow, and its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it a perfect match for delicate skin. 

REFINED bamboo is handpicked from sustainable FSC-certified plantations, ensuring water use it kept to a minimum, and resources are renewable and earth-friendly.
Blessed with natural insect repelling properties, bamboo yields less crop wastage than organic cotton.

The best part for your body: bamboo is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, without any fragrances, chlorine, artificial antibacterial agents or GMO — just natural, sustainable support.


How do I know what size to get?

Our period underwear comes in 5 sizes. Pick the right size by referring to our sizing chart here

How do I care for my period underwear?

Rinse your period underwear each time after use until the water runs clear. You may hand wash it with cold water or put it in the washer. If you are using a washer, put it in a lingerie bag, use the gentle/delicate cycle and wash below 30°C. Then, hang dry. Do not machine-dry or iron your period underwear. No fabric softener or bleach too, please.

Can I wear my period underwear without any pads?

Yes, you can. Our period underwear can hold up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid and are great for regular to light flow or at the end of your menstrual cycle. You can also use it as a backup with your pad, tampon or menstrual cup to prevent messy leaks and stains during heavy flow days.

How does the period underwear work?

REFINED period underwear are designed with 4-layer super absorbent and moisture-wicking, leak-proof layers. These layers absorb your period fluid and keep the surface dry - so that you can breeze through that time of the month like any other day.

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