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Organic Bamboo Maxiflow Pads Duo

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Bundle consists of 2 boxes of Organic Bamboo Maxiflow Pads (10pcs) 315mm

REFINED Organic Bamboo Maxiflow Pads are designed with heavy flow days in mind, offering superior leakage protection with our moisture-seal technology. These silky soft and luxuriously comfortable pads are wider, longer, and more absorbent than our Regular range, offering premium support as you go with the flow.

  • Bamboo is the sustainable, safe choice for all-day wear
  • Longer, wider design aligns to your body and offers reliable support
  • Ultra absorbent, breathable and naturally antibacterial
  • Clinically tested for sensitive skin

92% love REFINED Bamboo Range after trial
* 97% agreed REFINED Bamboo Range of 100% bamboo feels comfortable on their skin
* 94% agreed REFINED Bamboo Range offers supreme absorbency
* 99% agreed REFINED Bamboo Range is ultra-thin and breathable
* 96% agreed REFINED Bamboo Range ensures superior dryness

* Survey conducted by Home Tester Club from 19/04/2022 to 08/06/2022, 420 members surveyed.

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  • Highly absorbent

    Moisture-sealed organic bamboo core offers 40% more absorbency than cotton, so you stay dry all day.

  • Barely-there design

    Thin, lightweight pads are designed to be soft and comfortable without any bulk.

  • Reliable support

    Designed with wide coverage that aligns to your body and stays in place. Enjoy freedom to move.

  • Clinically tested

    Dermatologically approved antibacterial protection. Toxin-free, safe, and gentle.

Sustainable,Skin-Friendly Hygiene

Move freely through the day in clean, comfortable confidence. From renewable bamboo to innovative design, REFINED hygiene products are built to offer our highest level of performance — alongside our promise of earth-friendly sustainability and all-day comfort — supporting you gently, naturally and effectively through every month.




Luxurious cottony-soft, non-woven layer


Highly absorbent, hypoallergenic FSC®-certified organic bamboo fibre from organic farms

Bottom layer

Sustainable bioplastic, certified biobased by TUV Austria


Sustainable bioplastic, certified biobased by TUV Austria


Chlorine, Fragrance, Pesticides, Dyes, GMOs

Our Sustainable Story

Bamboo is a naturally renewable grass requiring very little maintenance to farm. This highly sustainable plant does not require pesticides or herbicides to grow, and its anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties make it a perfect match for delicate skin. 

REFINED bamboo is handpicked from sustainable FSC-certified plantations, ensuring water use it kept to a minimum, and resources are renewable and earth-friendly.
Blessed with natural insect repelling properties, bamboo yields less crop wastage than organic cotton.

The best part for your body: bamboo is entirely vegan and cruelty-free, without any fragrances, chlorine, artificial antibacterial agents or GMO — just natural, sustainable support.


What are REFINED products made of? What is so special about REFINED period care?

REFINED period care products are made with premium organic bamboo fibres, which absorb 40% more fluids than conventional cotton pads. Bamboo fibres are super fine, unlike cotton wood pulp, meaning our pads are not just absorbent, but ultra-thin and dry on the surface, too.


Our patented, exclusive organic bamboo core is mechanically pressed with a highly absorbent microfibre core. This keeps the surface of the pad dry by locking away moisture, keeping it comfortable on your skin. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and does a great job at keeping odour away. 


Our pads and individual wrappers are made with plant-based, certified compostable biofilm.

REFINED has combined the best of nature and science to create a high performance pad that is the better choice for you and the environment.

How do your pads compare to organic cotton?

Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton. Our pads absorb more fluid and moisture than cotton, meaning the surface stays dry and comfortable for hours. Our pads are naturally thinner than cotton — designed to offer complete protection without the bulkiness.

How sustainable are your pads?

Our bamboo is certified organic, crafted with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified bamboo pulp. Bamboo uses far less water than cotton throughout the growing process, with some bamboo species growing up to 50cm per day. This means bamboo is a sustainable, renewable resource. In addition, REFINED pads and individual wrappers are made with bio-based film, certified by TUV Austria, making them more environmentally friendly than conventional plastic.

 Read more about the bamboo benefits here.

How can your products be antibacterial without nanosilver ion?

As we craft natural period care products, we sought a way to create an antibacterial pad using the combination of nature and science. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, and does a fantastic job at preventing bacterial growth and odours. Our pads do not require nanosilver ion.

Do your pads help to minimise odour during the menstrual cycle?

REFINED organic bamboo pads naturally reduce the presence of odour and bacteria, no artificial fragrance involved. Bamboo contains millions of microscopic pores that trap odour, eliminating the odour without man-made chemicals. This is why many odour repellants on the market are made with bamboo, and REFINED period care offers these natural bamboo benefits.

Do REFINED pads prevent leaks?

We’ve designed our pads to be leak-proof and highly absorbent, with a maximum coverage design that aligns with your body. Move freely knowing you are protected by the REFINED patented broad-surface design.

How absorbent are your pads?

Our regular pads can absorb up to 187ml. Our Maxiflow pads can absorb up to 230ml.

What size of pads should I get?

We offer Regular and Maxiflow pads. Regular pads (280mm) are best for light to medium flow days. If you’re looking for extra protection on heavy flow days, use the Maxiflow pads (315mm) for day or night. Our pads are wider and longer than many others, so choose the size you’re comfortable with.

Can I use your pads as maternity pads?

Absolutely. We recommend our Maxiflow pads as maternity pads since they offer supreme absorbency – plus, they’re longer and wider, too!

Do your pads contain any toxins?

REFINED is entirely natural and toxin-free. Our pads are made from organic, safe material, meaning they are chlorine-free, odour blocking agent-free, fragrance-free, and ion-free. REFINED products have been clinically tested by dermatologists from Germany, and certified by Dermatest Germany. Our pads are designed to gentle on your most sensitive skin.

How often should I change my pads?

The recommended timeframe for changing your pad is every 4 to 6 hours, dependant upon your flow. Feel free to change the pad when it feels full or heavy.

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