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Biodegradable Eco Towel

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Skincare requires a delicate touch, using products and tools that gently clean the face, without introducing bacteria into the mix. 

A normal bathroom towel goes through a wet-dry cycle that harbours bacteria and odours, which inhibits the effectiveness of your skincare routine. To increase the hygiene of your routine, switch to single-use eco-towels — guaranteeing a fresh and invigorating deep clean without harming the environment. 

Our eco-towel is a simple, hygienic way to achieve clean and clear skin. Made with an environmentally friendly eucalyptus cellulose fibre — an entirely biodegradable fabric — it’s an eco-conscious choice for a trustworthy deep clean of the skin, every time.

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  • Biodegradable

    Naturally biodegradable, meaning no environmental harm.

  • Sustainable and plant-based

    Made of viscose with eucalyptus cellulose fibre, a plant-based material.

  • Ultra hygienic

    Single-use towels prevent bacteria from entering your skincare routine.

  • Durable and tear-resistant

    As versatile and durable as your regular bathroom towel.

A New Level of Hygiene

Stop bacteria and odours from sneaking into your skincare routine. Single-use eco-towels offer an invigorating, reliable deep clean without the germs.

Biodegradable And Eco-friendly

Skip the washing machine. Our eco-towels are plant-based and biodegradable, ensuring no environmental harm — just a fresh, deep clean every time.

  • Sustainable and plant-based

    Our eco-towels are made of viscose with eucalyptus cellulose fibre, a plant-based material.

  • Entirely biodegradable

    Eco-towels are entirely biodegradable, which means no environmental harm.

  • Skip the washing machine

    Reduce your laundry load (and water use) by switching to single-use eco-towels.

  • Go germ-free

    Prevent bacteria and odours from sneaking into your skincare routine.


    The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certifies that our product is free from harmful substances therefore safe for human's health.

  • PETA Cruelty-Free

    The PETA Cruelty-Free & Vegan certifies that we do not conduct or commission animal-testing of any of our products.


What is your towel made of?

Our biodegradable, single-use towels are made of eucalyptus cellulose fiber. This is a plant-based material that naturally biodegrades.

Can I use this to remove makeup?

Yes! Eco-towels are a great choice for removing makeup. Simply use it in place of your regular cleansing sponge, cloth, or cotton. Wet the towel and cleanse your face, or pair with your favourite makeup removal products.

Why should I use this towel instead of my usual, reusable towel?

When exposed to air through the wet-dry cycle, reusable cloth towels grow microbes and bacteria that lead to skin irritation and acne. Our biodegradable, disposable towels are softer, more absorbent, and most importantly, more hygienic — because they stop these germs from entering your skincare routine.

Can I use this on my baby?

Absolutely. Our eco-towels are safe for use on your baby’s sensitive skin. These towels are safer and more hygienic, as they do not carry bacteria like washcloths do.

Can I use this during sports or after exercising?

Yes! Our towels are super absorbent. You can use them to wipe off sweat and moisture after a workout.

What is the difference between tissue and your disposable towel?

Tissue is breakable and tears easily, making it nearly impossible for facial cleansing use. Instead, our disposable towel is durable, and does not break or tear, even when wet. You can even wring them out. Eco-towels are as durable and versatile as a regular bathroom towel.

Can I reuse the towel?

You may use this towel up to two times if you are wiping down tables and objects. However, we strongly recommend using the towel only once if you’re washing or drying your face, in order to avoid spreading bacteria onto your skin.

I feel this is a waste and not eco-friendly, since it’s for one-time use. Should I be worried?

Our disposable towel is sustainably manufactured using a plant-based material. This means that, although the product is single-use, it will naturally decompose and break down, meaning no environmental harm. You will also skip the wash cycle required for reusable towels, so you can reduce your water usage.

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