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Better Together Bundle

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No day is a bad day. With Refined, strutting your stuff everyday, even during that time of the month, is possible. 

Simply pair our ultra-slim Bamboo Pad with our super comfy Bamboo Period Underwear and you’ll get a sure-fire combination that is certain to give you the extra, no-leak protection. Hectic day? Bring it on! 

This must-have Better Together Bundle is your go-to at the first sign of period. It comprises:

- 1x 12pcs Organic Bamboo Regular Pads (280mm)
- 1x 10pcs Organic Bamboo Maxiflow Pads (315mm)  
- 1x Period Underwear (S, M, L or XL)

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Better together, with REFINED’s period care essentials

We know how messy and embarrassing period leaks can be. Let’s not even get us started on stains. Our period underwear are designed to prevent these dreads - so you can stay comfortable and confident through that time of the month. Even better, pair it with our pads or liners for that 150% no-leak backup. Or wear it everyday and skip the liner. 

Period, discharge or bladder leak? We’ve got you.

Earth-Friendly,Skin-Friendly Period Care

Stay clean, dry and comfortable with skin-friendly bamboo, a gentle and naturally antibacterial fibre that wicks away moisture and odours. Go with the flow knowing your period is supported by renewable, sustainable bamboo.


What are REFINED pads made of and what is so special about REFINED pads?

REFINED pads are made with premium organic bamboo fibres, which absorb 40% more fluids than conventional pads. Bamboo fibres are super fine as compared to cotton wood pulp, making our pads not just absorbent, but ultra-thin and dry on the surface too.

Our patented exclusive organic bamboo core is mechanically pressed with a highly absorbent microfibre core to keep the surface of the pad dry by locking away moisture, thus making it very comfortable on your skin. Bamboo is also naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and does a great job at keeping away bad odours.

Our pads are specially designed to fit into your busy lifestyle, while providing maximum comfort and ease.

How do your pads compare to organic cotton?

As mentioned above, bamboo is 40% more absorbent than cotton. Our pads absorb more fluids than cotton, so the surface stays dry and comfy. Our pads are also naturally thinner than cotton, designed to offer complete protection without the bulkiness.

How sustainable are your pads?

Our bamboo is certified organic as we use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified bamboo pulp. As a plant, bamboo uses far less water than cotton to grow, with some bamboo species growing up to 50cm per day – making bamboo a sustainable, renewable resource. Besides that, our pads’ backsheets and individual wrappers are made with biobased film, which are certified by TUV Austria, making them more environmentally friendly as compared to conventional plastic.

Read more about our pads here.

How is it antibacterial if your pads do not have nanosilver ion embedded in them?

We want everything to be as natural as possible, which is why our pads are designed with a great combination of nature and science. Bamboo itself is naturally antibacterial and does a good job preventing bacterial growth and odours.

None of our pads contain nanosilver ion in them, as we believe that nanosilver ion possesses skin allergens that can harm the skin.

I’m concerned about period odour during my menstrual cycle. Do your pads help to minimise odour?

Our pads certainly help to reduce unpleasant smells the natural way – no artificial fragrance involved! Bamboo contains millions of microscopic pores that trap odour, which is why bamboo naturally eliminates odours without the help of man-made scents or chemicals. In fact, many odour-repellants in the market are made with bamboo!

I’m worried about leakages. How can your pads help in preventing leaks?

We totally understand! That’s why our pads are created with a broader surface and a patented design that offers maximum coverage to prevent leaks, while allowing you to move freely so you can use it with confidence.

How absorbent are your pads?

Our Regular pads are able to absorb 187ml, while our Maxiflow pads are able to absorb 230ml.

What size of pads should I get?

We offer Regular and Maxiflow pads. Regular pads (280mm) are good for light to medium flow days. If you’re looking for extra protection on heavy flow days, use the Maxiflow pads (315mm) for day/night. Our pads are wider and longer than others, so feel free to choose the size you’re comfortable with.

Can I use your pads as maternity pads?

Absolutely. We’d recommend our Maxiflow pads as maternity pads since they offer supreme absorbency – plus they’re longer and wider too!

Do your pads contain any toxic?

Definitely not! Our pads are made with organic and safe materials, meaning they’re chlorine-free, odour-blocking agent-free, fragrance-free, ion-free andclinically testedby dermatologists from Germany, and certified by Dermatest Germany. They’re absolutely gentle on your skin.

How often should I change my pads?

The recommended time frame to change your pad is every 4-6 hours, depending on your flow. However, feel free to change your pad whenever you feel it getting too full or heavy.

How do I know what underwear size to get?

Our period underwear comes in 5 sizes. Pick the right size by referring to our sizing chart here

How do I care for my period underwear?

Rinse your period underwear each time after use until the water runs clear. You may hand wash it with cold water or put it in the washer. If you are using a washer, put it in a lingerie bag, use the gentle/delicate cycle and wash below 30°C. Then, hang dry. Do not machine-dry or iron your period underwear. No fabric softener or bleach too, please.

Can I wear my period underwear without any pads?

Yes, you can. Our period underwear can hold up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid and are great for regular to light flow or at the end of your menstrual cycle. You can also use it as a backup with your pad, tampon or menstrual cup to prevent messy leaks and stains during heavy flow days.

How does the period underwear work?

REFINED period underwear are designed with 4-layer super absorbent and moisture-wicking, leak-proof layers. These layers absorb your period fluid and keep the surface dry - so that you can breeze through that time of the month like any other day.