Our Story

In a world where women’s confidence hinges on unrealistic beauty expectations, we believe in building confidence that goes beyond skin-deep. This confidence is born from feeling comfortable in your skin, and elevated when treating your body with kindness.

We believe the products you use on your skin matter. For too long, women had to make less-than-ideal choices in their hygiene routine. At REFINED, we knew we could do better, both for our bodies and for the earth.

 REFINED offers a wide range of naturally derived women’s hygiene products, including sustainable, gentle options for period care, daily hygiene and more — allowing women everywhere to treat their body with the best.

Our products are crafted with earth-friendly sustainability in mind, using renewable materials that return to nature after use — and this gentle, natural philosophy led to our limitless revolution in feminine hygiene and body care. At REFINED, we plan to continue innovating with our ever-expanding range of self-care secret weapons, so you can unleash your inner confidence in beautiful new ways.

 That’s the kindness to earth, body, and soul that a REFINED woman deserves.

The REFINED Period

At REFINED, we believe your period shouldn’t be a pause, but an invitation to go with the flow.

 As a female-founded brand, we create high-performing personal care products refined to fit the lifestyle of modern women — where style, comfort and convenience take centre stage, always.

The strength of our products is rooted in quality, performance and sustainability — the quiet fundamentals that encourage confidence from within.

  • Confidence in the quality of REFINED products

    We combine the best of science + nature to build your confidence in REFINED hygiene products. No toxins, animal byproducts, synthetic ingredients — no worries.

  • Confidence to go with the flow in comfort

    Each product promises peace of mind and top-notch performance, so you can carry on in clean, reliable comfort.

  • Confidence in your own skin

    When you treat your body with REFINED kindness and support, you celebrate a renewed confidence in your own skin.

Just like REFINED, which represents a process of improvement, confidence is also process that takes time to build. But day by day, we’re becoming better versions of ourselves, the same way our products continually get better with time. And we say this with confidence, because it’s true.