Meet The Founder

REFINED founder Karine Low has always sought perfection. She believes women shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than the highest level of kindness to our bodies, minds, and the earth.

With feminine hygiene products on the shelves unsatisfactory to Karine — and, likewise, unacceptable to other women around the world — she decided it was time for a self-care revolution.

Armed with entrepreneurial expertise built from running an organic baby brand, Karine brought her ethos of simple, gentle self-care to the feminine hygiene market.

Karine believes that treating one’s body with kindness is the simplest, most effective way to embrace our inner strengths, flaws and all. When we love ourselves, we discover a deep confidence that is authentic and untainted by the demands of society. REFINED was born on this philosophy, and continues to build on these values today.

REFINED brings comfort and confidence through products that care, both about the earth and each individual woman’s wellbeing. Crafted to fit the modern woman’s lifestyle, our sustainable products are clinically tested and certified to the highest international standards, so you can stay comfortably confident in your own beautiful skin.